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Structural Integration in Patagonia


"When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then the body spontaneously heals itself." ~ Dr. Ida Rolf

Our Bodies are Shaped by our Lives

In every moment we are shaping our bodies into a posture that fits our world. The mother carrying her child on one side begins to readjust with fine balance in hips and spine. The body builder reshapes his structure through weight training. The person unable to express emotions may be "on hold" in their chest and arms, creating such tension that they eventually cannot breathe fully or freely extend and relax their arms. Each of us falls into patterns of body use which create postures that reflect our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. As life goes on, more of these patterns become embedded in the tissue of our body which can create mild to severe pain and physical limitations.

What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration is a clinical hands-on technique that was developed by Dr. Ida Rolf in the 1960's. Her main goal was to organize the human body structure in relation to gravity. Dr. Rolf believed that the imbalances in structure placed demands on the body's pervasive network of soft tissues: muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments, thereby creating compensations throughout the body structure.

Dr. Rolf posed this fundamental question: "What conditions must be fulfilled in order for the human body-structure to be organized and integrated in gravity so that the whole person can function in the most optimal and economical way?"

Her life's work was devoted to this investigation which led to the system of soft tissue manipulation and movement education that we now call Rolfing®. In order to pass along her work to others and to make the education process accessible, she developed an expedient series of ten sessions, which came to be known as the Ten Series or The Recipe.

I offer this Ten Series as well as customized individualized sessions according to your needs.

My Training

I graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado in 1992. 

I'm also trained in other complimentary modalities including Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Medical and Deep Tissue Massage and Orthopedic Massage. I combine my skills to perform an Integrative Bodywork Session to deal with a particular problem that needs to be addressed. I've practiced in New York and Montana, and have been seeing clients in Patagonia, Arizona since 2009.

I look forward to being a partner in your healing journey.

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